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the upper incisors are never less than three, and may be as many

as five in the upper jaw and
six in the lower. The canines
are trenchant. There is no

The genus Thylaainus con-
tains but a single species,
which is now limited to Tas-
mania, and is generally known
as the Tasmanian "Wolf. It has
the build of an ordinary Wolf,
and is of about the same size.
The hinder part of the body is
marked with a series of black
transverse bands. The hallux
is entirely wanting; the pouch
opens backwards. The mar-
supial bones are minute and
The dental formula is I -|- C -J- Pm |- M -f = 46. There

FIG. 77.—Front view of skull of Koala (Phas-
colarctos ainereus), illustrating Diprotodont
and herbivorous dentition. (From Flower.)

tin ossified.


JS& so[uamosal*;  Vot vomer.    (From Flower's Osteology.}

This   animal, now   confined   to   Tasmania,

are  four  mammae.